Wednesday, November 29, 2006

So, Where Was I???

I kinda pooped out yesterday at the end of my post because I had so many other things I knew I should be doing. I seriously have the longest to-do list. I am going to have to give up T.V. to get it all done. I am still working on the Christmas cards. I've decided to make 50 because they are so labor intensive. I haven't even really looked at my Christmas card list this year so I don't know if that is enough. I doubt it but I can always whip up a few more if needed or just buy a nice box of cards for the extras. That seems a little mean, though.

So, back to my Thanksgiving stories... The truth is nothing really shocking or overly funny happened over the week-end. The Miller's were a little boring this time. I don't think we talked about any of our favorite topics: poop, sex, Shelter Care or insurance (well we discussed our current coverages briefly but I don't think that should count.) Since none of us has worked at SC for over a year we rarely talk about that anymore. We do have a couple of new topics: church & blogs. What a combo, right?

Tim did end up getting a deer on Friday. I think he felt a little relieved not to endure the harassment anymore. You can check out his blog for upcoming details on the kill and all that.

Linda, Gail, Stephanie & I went shopping on Friday. We got up and left early (6 A.M.) but it really wasn't that bad. We went to A.C. Moore (craft store) first. It was my idea to go there but I think I may have spent less than the other three! Gail bought 7-8 new Christmas ornaments. Later after we got home, Jeff was saying how she was just complaining that she has too many ornaments but she keeps buying them. We laughed & laughed. I think she has an ornament addiction. I hear it is the same with cookie cutters - which she also bought a few of those too. After the craft store we headed over to Target. I bought Polar Express for $6. Not bad. They did have some really good deals on electronics. Linda wanted to buy a camera but they were out of the one she wanted so they let her have another camera for the same percentage off. That is nice. Target is a good store. Afterwords we went to Walmart. Of course - who could go shopping on black Friday without going to Walmart. I didn't buy anything special - a pair of shoes for Elise and an apple. Apparently the hot dog I ate for breakfast at Target wasn't enough. Overall I think we found some good prices. I didn't buy much but some of the others loaded up with fantastic deals. It was fun. I didn't wait in one line & we were home by noon. I did, however, take a nap that afternoon, which I took some abuse over. Gail was relentless. She said she never took naps when she was young...not until she was 40 and that was only because she was bored. Ha ha. Linda had to go to work until midnight so I think she was pretty much beat.

We came home Saturday because we wanted to go to get our Christmas tree on Sunday after church, which we did. It was perfect weather (60's) & also a lot of fun. I will post pics later.

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Boring? Who us? :)