Friday, November 10, 2006

Five Posts in a Row............

Can you believe it? I don't want to be on the computer very long this morning and I don't really have a topic of discussion so I thought I would just give you a few updates on what is going on...
Let me start with the weather! It is perfect here. Yesterday it was sunny & almost 70 outside. The kids and I went out and raked leaves/grass in the yard. Then we cleaned out the garage as a nice surprise for daddy. He has been trying to squeeze the extra chore in for a week or so. The kids were so cute. They both helped carry the leaves to a pile I made behind the garage.

This was my first full week of "stay at home momhood". It was okay. I don't think I got nearly as much done as anticipated. Probably because I get sidetracked by the computer so easily. I don't watch TV during the day....I don't even read about my soap opera anymore. It was too stupid for me. My one laundry day has turned into laundry week again. I need to get some control.

I am gearing up for the holidays. I want to make as many of my gifts as I can this year (again). I started several projects. Hopefully I don't run out of time. I want to make my Christmas cards again this year. I'm currently making Thanksgiving cards for everyone in the book of business at the agency. They look really nice. I took one to show the boss yesterday (I went in for a few hours in the evening). He thought it looked cool and said everyone will love it. I have everything cut out - I just need to put them all together and stamp them. I'll post a picture later. Speaking of cards. I am really horrible about sending them. I make these beautiful creations and sometimes I even write in them but I never get around to sending them. It's dumb. That is on my to-do list for today.

Speaking of work...I only worked a few evening hours this week and it was really busy. I didn't sell anything but I have a stack of work to do on my desk as we speak. I am getting it set up so I can do quotes from home. Then I can maximize my time in the office. If things stay the way they are I will probably go back to some regular hours after the new year. I did however, talk to my old boss from the abstinence place and she is going to be hiring for some stuff. I don't know if it is a right fit for me but I won't really know what is going on there until Thanksgiving week so I haven't put much thought into it. Either way, it looks like the holidays will be tight for us. I have accepted it. I love buying gifts for people but I've learned not be be so materialistic and it is much better. Besides, my pottery stuff is going well and is just as beautiful as something you might buy at a specialty shop. I plan to post some pics soon.

Jake's job is fine. They are in their "busy season" and hasn't had time to blog. I told him everyone is waiting to hear what he has to say.

I think if I had to describe our life right now I would say....transition. Sometimes you need to tear down and rebuild. That is how it is for us. And that is okay.

Have a good week-end. I probably won't have time to blog. We have a busy one ahead of us.


Jake said...

I have a great wife. She went outsid e and did most of the yard work I have been wanting to do for a couple weeks now. She actually got both kids to help her rake and move piles or leaves/grass. Is that amazing or what? Think about it, she got a one year old and a four year old to work with her not against her. And on top of it, she got the one year old to stop running for the street. Props to my wifey. Much Love.

Stephanie said...

I once thought of posting how blogs have replaced soaps for the modern housewife. I am not sure if I know anyone who watches soaps anymore.

Heather said...

I've never been a big soap watcher, but I'm enjoying the blogs.
I just finished making my Christmas cards last night. I went for something simple this year. I have done enough of the elaborate ones and it's time for a change! No cutting out, no glue, no double-stick tape or zots!
I am making as many gifts as I can, too. Don't get me started making Thanksgiving cards, Christmas cards are enough for me!