Monday, November 13, 2006

Ahhhhh....Monday Morning

Good Morning! Well, some of you may not read this in the A.M. but I am writing in the morning so that is the greeting you get.

We had a very eventful week-end. Friday night Jake & I had a date night. I should say "cheap date" night. First we went out to eat at this nice place called First Chop. It is a restaurant on a golf course. If you remember me telling you a while ago I won a gift certificate there in a contest on WNIR. I haven't entered a contest since...not sure why I've slacked. The gift certificate was going to expire on December 1, 2006 so we needed to use it. We didn't want to spent more than the GC paid for, which was $25. If you look at their menu, some of the meals cost that by themselves. So we drank water, which was fine with me. I may have ordered a glass of wine otherwise but I lived without it. Lucky for us they had a $12 menu. I ordered steak. Jake ordered fish. We both ordered these bourbon sweet potatoes. YUMMMM. I could have just eaten a big plate of those. Needless to say, we didn't have an appetizer or dessert and we were both stuffed by time we left. When we got our bill it was $26.42. Not bad. We left a $6 tip so we spent a total of $7.42. After dinner we went to the movies. We received movie tickets as a Christmas gift in 2004. We've been to the movies since then but we've went to the second run place that only cost a buck or two. So, we finally used those tickets. It would have cost us $16.50. Yes, it cost $8.25 per person to get into a theater. Yikes. We decided to see BORAT on the recommendation of my sister and "Mitchy" (a guy my hubby works with). The movie was so funny but I'm not really sure how to explain it... It was definitely adult humor that not everyone would appreciate. If you haven't heard of it I will give you a quick description. This American Jewish man goes, as this character (Borat) from Kazakhstan (which is a real country), around the United States interviewing real people (not actors) for a "documentary" he is supposedly filming for his native country (so they think). While meeting with these people he says and does things that are completely inappropriate. He insults everyone but the funny thing is...many of them excuse it as he is ignorant and doesn't know any better. You can't believe some of the things people say to him thinking no one from the US would ever see or hear them. Wow...there are some crazy scenes in that movie. So we did have quite a few belly laughs. So...there you go dinner & a movie for less than $8. What fun.

Saturday night we went to visit my old friend, Stephanie (not the blogger) for dinner. She lives in Euclid so it was a little bit of a drive. My sister and her family also met us. It was a lot of fun and the food was delish. The kids ran around like crazies. There was 5 of them all together. I think Stephanie & her husband definitely don't more kids after having us over. Ha ha.

Sunday we went to Church. I was going to blog about that today but I guess I will save it for later. Afterwords we went to our friends house for lunch. It was also very good, as always. My friend prides herself on her cooking...I used to think I was a good cook until I met her. Hmmmm. It is all relative isn't it.

Overall it was a great week-end. Busy as always.

Have a great day.

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