Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Look What I Did!!!!

This is my first Tackle It Tuesday Post. I was reading Heather's Blog which inspired me to get with it. I used to use the FlyLady system or method to clean my house. It was crazy clean back then. I felt like I did less cleaning but everything was neat, orderly and best of all, CLEAN. I did get a little nutso over it though....like if Jake left a dirty dish in my sparking sink I would complain. Don't worry it didn't take him long to get on board...then we were both a little neurotic. We went on vacation and when we returned we forgot about FlyLady. So, here I am today...with my first FlyLady job. I cleaned my sink (and the area around it.)



Hopefully it will stay this nice for a while. I am going to try. Also, if you notice the flowers in the background...they are from my hubby. I got them last week so they are starting to wilt but in my mind wilted flowers are better than no flowers, right?

Have a great day! Try to tackle something yourself today! If you want to play along go to 5 Minutes for Mom and add your blog!


Debbie said...

Great tackle! I can never keep my kitchen sink clean! I try and even with a dishwasher it is near impossible! So that is my daily chore!

And I so agree. Wilted flowers are much better than none at all!

Stephanie said...

I cleaned my sink the other day too. It is amazing how that little task makes everything so much cleaner and inspires you to do more!

Jodi said...

Nice job! Have a great Tuesday!

Angee said...

Great job. Gotta love a shiny sink!

Erna said...

Looks great! I like a clean sink too but sometimes life gets away on me. ;0)

Jennifer Sprague, All Natural Mommies said...

What a great tackle and such a sweet gift! Your sink looks great - keeping things clean is often my biggest stuggle! :D

Heather said...

Great job, Delilah! I am so proud of you! I'm tickled that I inspired you! :o)
P.S. Tell Jake to come to Wayne County and rub off on my DH so he'll get on board with the flowers thing. LOL!

Mrs Lifecruiser said...

Well done! It looks so nice :-)

Especially with the flowers!

There is a blogroll (link list) for Tackle It Tuesdays participants for your sidebar, that makes it easier to visit participants:


oy_withthepoodlesalready said...

Hahahaha!! What is this Fly Lady?? I got on and I swear she's in my house makng up the reminders (to do stuff that I'm procrastinating by reading your blog...) I'm hooked! Nice sink by the way - mine is missing in action right now)Back to the Fly Lady! :-)