Monday, November 06, 2006

West Virginia Week-end In Photos...

I don't think I told you last week that we were going to West Virginia for the week-end. It has been a long time since we went down (Memorial Day). We wanted to get down while the weather was still okay and the kids could spend some time outside. We missed all the summer months being busy. So, we left Ohio on Friday around 2ish (Jake got off work early). It took us exactly 4 hours to get there. It wasn't a bad drive. Elise did cry for about an hour. Anything I'd try to give her...she'd throw right back. Both kids did sleep a little while. After our arrival we hung out and had dinner. Afterwords we did Jude's birthday party because he didn't want to wait any longer and well, it didn't matter when we did it, right? So he opened his gifts. Yes, Zurg was a hit. Yesterday he told me he wanted to take Zurg to the park so he could let him swing on the swings. He's so weird. Okay...back to the story. Jake went hunting on Saturday AM & PM. He didn't get anything. He had borrowed a crossbow from a guy from work. We did a little target practice in the afternoon and I would like to tell you I am pretty good. I hit the bulls eye on my first try and was pretty on target for my next few aims but alas, I got a little cocky and just when I was rubbing it in the most....I shot the arrow over the target and into the woods. We spent close to 45 minutes looking for that silly thing and never found it. So much for that fun. I think I might actually go hunting next time. Wouldn't it be funny if I got a deer before Tim or Jake. I teased them about it and Tim told me I'd have to field dress it (uh...gut it) myself. Hmmm. I don't know if I could do that.

Paul and Linda bought a new horse on Saturday. They got a great deal for the horse and 2 saddles. It was cool to see livestock and get to be so up close and personal. I took a million pics (hence the name of this post).

This is Diamond. She is the new horse. She is really friendly and sweet but was a little nervous with all the commotion and maybe from the trailer ride. She hasn't been ridden in a few months. I guess she belonged to a teen-aged girl that wanted to buy a car instead so she sold her horse.

This is their first horse, Sofie. She is pregnant and due in May. The ponies (princess, oreo & bob) belong to a neighbor. The Millers are taking care of them temporarily. We aren't sure how much longer they will be around. Oreo is a little mean and will bite but the others are very tame and friendly.

Lydia was sitting outside the barn watching everyone fall in love with Diamond (the new horse).
Terry (Aunt Hazel's friend) had been down hunting for the week-end and decided to check out the horses with the rest of the family. He seemed really calm and respectful of the animals. He might be a horse whisperer for all we know. You can see in the picture, Diamond was very comfortable with him.

Paul and Linda were brushing Diamond. She had a rough night because Sofie, the old horse wants to pick on her. She had a few bite marks. In this picture she was sniffing Paul or something.
The kids were so excited to be around the new horse. Sofie isn't very friendly so Diamond is a welcomed edition.
Jake was elected to ride Diamond first (not sure how that happened). I think everyone was a little nervous to see how she was going to react to being ridden after so long. Jake took her for a little walk before riding her.
Here is Jake actually riding Diamond. She did fine. She didn't go any faster than a slow walk but she did great. Oh, and doesn't my husband make a hot cowboy?

Linda was next to ride Diamond. She seems so happy to have horses (finally).
Here's Nolan riding for the first time. Well, he rode Bob before but not a big horse .
Here is Jude living out his Woody Wanna Be Dreams.

Isn't Lydia so cute? She is a natural country girl.

Let's not forget about the cows.... One is names Bell and I forgot the others name. They are both pregnant. The one (I think Bell) is due sometime soon - in the next month or so. I've been around cattle my whole life. My Papaw had many cows just like these two. I used to ride out on the tractor with him to feed the cows. What a great memory.

Okay and last but not is a picture of me & Elise. I forgot to pack my make-up so I am a natural woman. If you look in the background you can see Kellen riding Bob. It is kinda funny.

Oh, is Jude's real birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JUDE!!!!


Jake said...

I love the natural woman look. I can't wait to get back down to WV.

Stephanie said...

I did a little target practice after you left. I was a pretty good shot too and I can't pull it back either! Maybe if we hunted together the two of us could pull it! :)

The other cow is Midnight.

Great pictures! Can't wait for you to come back again! See you for some turkey!

Anonymous said...

Love the photos. Looks like a great weekend for everyone!
Aunt Nancy