Sunday, November 26, 2006

Home from the Hundred Acre Woods....

We are home again. Doesn't it seem like I have been saying that a lot lately? Well, we left on Tuesday evening & came home last night. We are going to pick out our Christmas tree today. How fun. Jude remembers going last year so he is excited. We are going with our friends for the second year....I think it is a tradition now.

I plan to write about our holiday in WV. If you are a new reader or just want an old laugh go back & read about last years Thanksgiving in the Woods. It is a three part series. You may need that background info for everything I tell you this year. Oh...and I will be adding some new "characters."

Here is my suggested reading list...Warning it is A LOT of reading.
1. A Miller Dream....Setting the Stage
2. A Miller Dream....West Virginia, Almost Heaven
3. A Miller Dream....Thanksgiving in the Woods
4. Pics of the "woods". Here, here & here.

Have fun & stay tuned for the next installment.

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