Friday, January 25, 2008

Another Ex-Men Story....I totally forgot about this one.

A couple of years ago I wrote a little weekly series called Ex-Men Monday (& Tuesday for a while). I got kinda bored with it and I quit doing it. Recently while reading through those AWFUL journals I came across a bunch of stuff I wrote about an old friend of mine. To keep him "anonymous" I will call him Rex. When I was 19 I moved to Georgia and lived with my Aunt Debbie. After a few months I decided to move home to Ohio. My best friend that I had since sixth grade had a serious boyfriend and things had really changed. When I got back to Vermilion she told me she wanted to fix me up with this guy, Rex. He was from Georgia and had moved with his family to this little town close to my home. Stephanie (my BF) worked with him. When I met him I was a little confused because Rex was short and little. I always liked guys that made me look smaller so this guy was obviously not for me. But because he didn't have any friends around and I was a little out of my element he and I became instant friends. We hung out together all the time. Sometimes he would just come over to eat my mom's food and other times we would go to the coffee shop together. He was into photography, as was I, so there were times where we would head somewhere with a pocket full of film and just take tons of pictures. We took a lot of pictures in old abandon buildings and cemeteries. Weird, I know. If I had time (which I don't) I would scan some of those pics in and show you - maybe later. Either way, along the way I decided I liked this guy. I think it was more that I didn't want anyone else to have him. Dumb. There is a bunch of stuff about him in those old journals. One time we went to this dance club in Cleveland called Smart Bar. We ran into this girl I knew who worked at Oberlin College. I introduced her to Rex and they immediately hit it off. I was so stupidly jealous. Tiffany was with me too (which is a story in itself because she was not even 18 yet and didn't have a fake ID instead she used a southern accent and we told the door guy she was from out of town and didn't have an ID like they don't use ID's down south or something! It worked!). Funny, we didn't drink when we went to those places. We mostly went to dance and act cool. I'm not saying we never had fun but seriously we were just trying to fit in. So....Rex is with this Oberlin girl, I get mad, Tiffany and I decide to leave. I told Rex we were leaving and he said I'll catch a ride home. WHAT! We laughed about it the whole way home. The next day Rex called and he had been stuck in Cleveland all night. My friend Stephanie went and picked him up the next day. He apologized, which I loved. Silly me. Well, there are so many more Rex stories - I could do a series on him. He was an outlaw (seriously) and quite mysterious. He had a motorcycle and liked really gross stuff. He called me DeathLilac. I don't know why. He and Stephanie ended up having a secret relationship until her boyfriend found out then they ended up dating for a long time. I was upset that they hid it from me but by then I had moved on. Rex ended up going to Kent and being friends with all my friends. We hung out together from time to time. Once he kissed me - YUCK - it was all wrong. We laughed about it. After college we lost touch but one day Stephanie called me and told me her aunt saw a wanted posters with "Rex" on it. I did a little research and sure enough he was wanted by the Federal government for stealing identities. He called himself Rex. He had swindled a bunch of money from some girl and was getting a government check for some dead guy. Crazy. He always said you could do that. Also when I was looking him up I found out he is a professional photographer - he even took pics of Tori Amos (one of my favs). He was eventually apprehended and has served his time. He is my friend on myspace. We talked once and he told me he got married, he never mentioned the whole being in jail thing. Crazy isn't it? Look at this volcom clothing.

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