Friday, January 11, 2008


Man it has been a busy week. At the beginning of each quarter I sit down with all the local brochures (YMCA, Metro Parks, Library, Quirk, etc...) and schedule things to do. I take the time and write down what is going on where on my calendar. Some things are classes that are written in stone, others are just in case I am looking for something to do. This way we don't just sit around watching T.V. all day. During the week it isn't a problem for us but on the weekends it seems to be. Plus, I get depressed in the winter. The gloom and cold drives me crazy. I start to get a little nutty. So, I force myself to leave the warmth of my house. I was getting out about once a week during the day but I decided it wasn't enough. AND - I have that resolution to get healthier. So far, so good, although I have eaten out WAY too much this past week. When Jake is away I have a difficult time getting dinner on the table (excuses excuses, I know). Anyhoo...I signed everyone in the family up for classes at the YMCA. Jude is in Basketball (I'll have to tell you all about it another time), Elise and I are taking a kid gym class and Jake and I are in this ball aerobics class (I am pretty sure it is going to severely kick our butts). I still wanted to take another class to get me in the gym during the week and while it is still light outside. So, I looked through the book and found this class called Bhangra. The brochure described it as this:
Bhangra is an aerobic class giving you a full body
workout while teaching some traditional dance from
India. Burn calories and have fun doing this trendy
new class.

Now that doesn't sound bad does it? Not at all....I think it sounds fun. I all but begged my friend, Sherry to take it with me. She looked at the description and laughed. She told her husband I am weird. I guess I can accept that. I am a little weird. But I thought it sounded more fun than Power Cycling (yikes!!!!)

So, yesterday was the big day for my class. It starts at 9 A.M. so it was a big deal to get out of the house with the kids dressed and fed by 8:30 -a workout in itself. I accomplished it. I was a little nervous since I haven't taken a class like this for quite some time (years and years). When I get to the room I am introduced to a bubbly woman wearing all black (note to self: good choice on the black pants & tank top you picked). She told me to get my shoes and socks off (another note to self: paint your toenails when you get home!) She then told me to pick out a couple of scarfs from the box and tie them to my middle finger (yet another note to self: you are weird! what are you doing here???) Before long several other woman join the group, from all walks of life - none of them look weird. So, the class starts and the teacher is explaining the dance moves. I was obviously the only one who had not been to a Bhangra class before. So, she was basically explaining them for me. What can I say....the moves were very foreign to me. What did I expect. I've never been a great dancer. My motto was always if you can't sing or dance well at least do it funny. This was definitely funny. There was yelling. I think they were saying Bali Bali. I am not sure. It was fun but I guess I need to loosen up a little. At one point (I think when we were doing the "sexy arms" move) I just stopped and started laughing hysterically. I was just thinking about how GLAD I was that my friend Sherry was not there to see me make a complete arse of myself. At the end we did these stretches that were some Yoga moves (I have never taken Yoga and I am NOT flexible at all). One move was called a can opener. Funny. Overall the class was good and I can't wait until next week. Every muscle in my body is sore today - I didn't expect that. I hope it is better for my aerobics on Saturday. I'll let you know how it goes!

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Tim Appleton (Applehead) said...

I think it looks fun from the video. The choreography doesn't look that hard at all. Stephanie and would do that . Stephanie took some yoga/dance classes at the Y when we were still up at Akron. I don't remember what it was.