Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Goodbye 2007.....Hello 2008

Wow, time really does fly when you are having fun. 2007 was, let's say, eventful for the Miller family. Here is a little recap...

The year started in a very drab place. I had lost my job unexpectedly and in the process lost several friends. We had just left our old church. We took a lot of slack and lost friends over that too. As you know, I wrote about the whole thing on my blog and that was, of course, met with angry retaliation. BTW...when I wrote that post about people being angry that we left the church and not liking us anymore, well, I was hoping any of those people would tell me I was wrong. Turns out I wasn't. I guess there was a lot more going on at that place and maybe they thought I knew more than I did but I didn't. I just wanted my old friends back. It all seems silly now. I know some of the old church people read my blog so before you go getting all worked up - I am not saying anything bad about you. It was a bunch of crap that happened and I am so over it. There are bigger things in this world. Just know, if I ever see you out - I will talk to you. If you ignore me I will just talk louder (can't you just see this scene in the middle of the mall!). Ha. So that is where we were when the year began last year. Oh yeah...I was pregnant and barfing my guts out. That was not fun but oh so worth it. Because now we have little Avery Skye to we finally got to meet in late July. She is so sweet and we are blessed to have our three kids. I really feel like our life would be boring and empty without them. Jude and Elise have grown so much in the last year. Jude has really lost that "baby" in his face (sniff, sniff). Okay, back to the year in review. We had a great summer. The kids and I went to the little wading pool several times a week and spent a lot of time outside. I love fresh air. I am going to have to suck it up and just go outside during the winter. We traveled this year. We didn't take a vacation away but did go to Tennessee and West Virginia many times. The visits never seem long enough. We finished the year strong with Jake's responsibilities beefing up at work, which means more money but also more travel. It is a great job - also a blessing to our family- sometimes I forget. So that is 2007 in a nutshell.

As I look ahead to 2008 I have big hopes. I think it is going to be a great year for us. We have big plans for getting healthy, so we can live to see grandchildren. I decided I want to live to see Jude turn 60. I'd be almost 90. I think it is possible. We aren't going on a "diet" but we are going to start exercising and eating healthier. I want to watch less T.V. and read more books. I think I am going to add a list to my blog of the books I read, as I read them. I also want to do some big art/craft shows in the fall so, I need to start creating and stocking up. I am going to do all this while catching up on my scrapbooks. I am already in the designing stages. I want to work on them a little everyday. If I cut out the nightly T.V. it should be easy to do. Oh yeah, one last thing I am working on - less complaining. Well, I have been working on that one for about a month already (have you noticed?). By this time next year, Avery will be walking, Elise will be potty trained and Jude will be in school. Wow. We also should have considerably less debt. Thanks to Aunt Nancy we have a subscription to Debt Proof Living. I started reading yesterday and have tons of ideas now. We aren't going to stress about buying a house until we are absolutely financially ready. Where we live isn't horrible.

So, there is is - the past and the future. Do any of you have resolutions?

Have a great new year!

Jacki, do you need to know about military relocation?

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~Jacki said...

Yay! I made it into your blog! Even if it was for the link you get paid for :) And that is so far down the road, but I still looked at the site a little. We're not even sure we're going to make it that far (not 'we' as in me and Allen, but 'we' as in the two of us and the military). He's still sick. Should find out next week if they are keeping him.