Friday, January 04, 2008

I Reminisce....

For the last year I have been working hard on getting rid of stuff (to make room for all my thrift store finds ha!) - no really just to clear out stuff. My other goal has been to find a proper place for everything. Instead of having junk drawers in every room I am trying to actually have a spot for things like pens, batteries and store receipts. It has really been rewarding. I still have clutter and my house will never be as clean as my mothers but I think it is okay.

In the process of all this I came across four old journals of mine...from high school and college. YIKES. Some of the things I can't even believe I wrote. A while back someone was mad about something I wrote on my blog and she left me a message saying if I wanted to write my private thoughts I should get a diary! Oh, the drama. Little did she know, I am going to share my diary with you. Not everything but every now and then I am going to open it up and give you a peak. I hope it doesn't bore you. I figure it will probably inspire more of those old crazy stories from my life that everyone loved reading. Oh, and I came across a few letters tucked away in the journals so look for them to show up on Dear Delilah!

I know you hate to comment but try to give me feedback on this. If you hate the idea I will probably scrap it.

Date Unknown
I dreamed I was driving my car along a set of roller coaster tracks. They were brightly, varied colors. I was late for work but I didn't care. Now I am sitting in class, thinking about those roller coaster tracks.

I used to work at Cedar Point - I probably wrote this then.

Crazy. After reviewing the journals (just now) I probably won't be sharing too much (I do have some dignity!) and will be having a bonfire. Just kidding (sorta).


Anonymous said...

keep them. don't throw them out. you know someone in my past made me throw out(he burned them) old pics & another person made me throw out old journals, etc.i wish so bad that i had them now....they would have lasted longer than those people in my life.

Mandy said...

Even though I've never met you i like hearing all your old stories! Does that mean I have no life of my own or am i just really nosey?

Anonymous said...

I don't care what you write, just keep writing. I love it!!!

BTW, a good way to keep store receipts is to put them in an empty tissue box (you may remember I did this in GA).

Your mom and dad are on their way to our house, we are going out to eat....wish you were here.

Love, Aunt D.