Monday, January 14, 2008

Bounce It Out.....

Okay, now we are going to do a bounce lunge. Lunge, lunge, left, more. Alright, that is great now bounce it out. No, I am not going crazy. It is the latest class I signed up for. Oh wait....I didn't just sign up for it - I signed Jake up too. It was called Aerobic Ball Bounce. I had NO IDEA what that meant. I just knew it was at a time Jake and I could both do it. So, Saturday we made our way to the gym. If you haven't been keeping track I'll tell you - it made four days in a row for me. That is more than I went to the gym all last year! Once we got there Jake wanted to leave. He told me he was going to go ride a bike (or do the ellipticals.) He was the only guy in the class but luckily it was the same teacher from the other class I took and only a handful of other women. I think there was 5 of us total. Not bad. The class started with us sitting on one of the big aerobic balls and just bouncing. Then we had to get our arms into it. It was fun. Then she kicked it up and we were doing everything from jumping jacks to push ups (all with the ball), lunges and kicks. Then in the end we did a bunch of those yoga type stretches. I think the class was so fun. Ridiculous but fun. I laughed the entire time. I didn't see anyone in the class that was graceful on their ball but I'd have to admit Jake and I were the comedy of the class. Jake told me I laughed too much and he wasn't standing my me next time. LOL. I'll have to say, the class may have been fun but it kicked our butts. We were both sweating like pigs. And I am still sore today. Jake complained all week-end that he was sore. I can't wait to go back.

BTW....Jake gives you his take on the class on his blog. Check it out.

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Sheila Griffith said...

I loved the ellipticals but I did it at my own pace not in a class. Really works the legs.