Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Make It From Scratch Carnival....

Last week, Stephanie, from Stop the Ride hosted a little contest called Make It From Scratch. Basically you make something from scratch, post about it and send her the link. On Valentine's day she posted them in Carnival style. It was fun. I made caramels and cards. You can read about all the other great things when you visit her blog. But....getting to the was so much fun that Stephanie decided to do it on a regular basis. The purpose is to encourage people to try to make things from scratch and then share your experience. It is okay if your attempt was a flop....we still want to know. The first Carnival is planned for Feb. 27th. So get your entries to her soon. I suggest stopping by and checking out all of the "official" rules. I am very tired and might not be making sense. Ha ha. BTW...I have already made my from scratch item... I am so ahead of the game.... now if I could just find time to write about it and all the other things I have on my list!

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Stephanie said...

We are sitting here enjoying your Valentines Day entry. The caramels are amazing! Thanks!

BTW did you see TT is coming to an end?! :(