Saturday, February 03, 2007

Crazy Saturday....

Current Temp.: 6 degrees F
No. of Cards I Created Yesterday: 20
Time I Fell Asleep Last Night: 8:50ish P.M.

I don't usually post on Saturday but since I didn't really write much of anything this week. I wasn't feeling well most of the week. I can't figure this whole "morning sickness" out. Hopefully it will be gone soon enough. As for the weather.....well, the groundhog did NOT see it's shadow yesterday which, supposedly, means there will be an early spring. I would be so HAPPY. Seriously....wouldn't we all!?

Last night I had the CRAZIEST...and I mean CRAZY-CRAZY dreams. It seems like I dream each time I close my eyes these days. I had a dream when I took a nap. I don't ever remember doing that. Either way, I won't give you all the details but I bet there is a lot of hidden meaning in the weird dream from last night. In one part of the dream House (Hugh Laurie) was my boyfriend or something. Don't worry it wasn't a sexy dream. I was taking care of him when he was strung out on drugs. I also dreamed about riding a wild Indian horse, huge snakes in my backyard, having my clunker truck towed, receiving flowers from someone who had peed on them and then left me a note telling me so and talking with my mouth full of rice. Isn't that the oddest thing? I don't know where some of this stuff comes from.

I have been working on my cards this week. I think I will scan them and post the pics next week. Maybe I will share some of my pottery as well. I am not really happy with anything I have made lately. The best things I've made I gave away. I've probably told you before but most of my stuff is functional. Bowls, cups, serving plates...stuff you can use everyday. I need to branch out. I've been experimenting a little with my glazing. I have always pretty much glazed everything in the same color, because I really like it. I guess that isn't always a bad thing. But I want to branch out.

On another note....Jake sold some stuff on ebay this week and I think we made around $50. It was just junk we had laying around (broken cell phone, GPS dvd, an old phone set we used to use and I don't know what else but I am happy.

Okay...I have to get going. Have a good week-end and try to stay warm.

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