Thursday, September 27, 2007

Baseball Fever....

Isn't it exciting that the Indians are doing so well? I think it is cool. I will have to admit that I haven't even watched one minute of baseball on TV this year and we haven't been to an Indians game but nonetheless it is exciting for Northeast Ohio. We have the Cavs, The Indians and our great pro football team The Cleveland Browns! Ha. Well, the Browns aren't that good but lets not talk about them. Back to the Indians - here is the thing about baseball - it isn't that fun watching it on TV. It gets a little boring. I used to softball. I know it may be difficult for some of you to imagine. I played third base and batted clean up. I was a very good batter - I probably still am but I don't think I can run very fast. It is funny to think about. Anyhoo....I used to have this very cool bat. It was blue, purple and hot pink. I think I let it at the Goodyear Hts. house on accident. Bummer. I guess if I wanted to buy a new one I could check out Baseball Rampage. There is TONS of baseball stuff. They have anything baseball that you could possibly need. It is nice the way their stuff is organized. You can shop by type of item, brand or by "position". That is a nice feature. I doubt I will be buying baseball stuff anytime soon (I think I have few years still) but I am going to remember this site. You should go check it out and remember....Go INDIANS!!!

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