Thursday, September 27, 2007

Thursday Thirteen....Search Words

I love to look at the search words people use to find my blog. I have shared some of them in the past with you. Here is an updated list! I love it!

1. dear delilah, dear delilah song, hey dear delilah, delilah song lyrics

2. National Sacher Torte Day (still popular)

3. Prego Bellies, Huge Prego Belly, Prego Pictures

4. Gag Reflex, gagging moms, wife gagger, I want to stop gag reflex, gag reflex hereditary

5. Moonshine runners, purchase moonshine, what do I do with moonshine, score me some moonshine, running moonshine vacation, how to judge good moonshine (perhaps these people need drug rehabilitation!)

6. McDonald's iced coffee recipe

7. Where to get a good funnel cake

8. What to do if someone says Happy Hanukkah

9. Turned on by smell of skunk, catching skunks, skunk smell people who like it, sexy skunk photo

10. Stephanie Miller's butt crack

11. Religions & why they don't celebrate christmas

12. POOP

13. delilah bad to the bone, delilah miller blog, delilah letters, delilah kent, delilah in ohio


Brenda ND said...

What a fun list!

Leeann said...

that is great! how do you know this???

MInTheGap said...

What a crazy list-- it's amazing how people show up at our sites!

My TT is up!

Believer in Balance said...

Isn't it funny what people look for and how they end up at your blog! I've been meaning to post my search terms to. Some are so disturbing!

Damozel said...

Wow. I wouldn't call it a "fun list", or at least not...not the skunk one, right? I LOVE lists of search terms, though. Our blog is called "Buck Naked Politics" (but nobody there is naked), so you can imagine some of the searches we get.

"Poop"? Ha!

April Elizabeth said...

for real i need the answer to #7, so if you know it..

LuvSchweetheart said...

Happy TT'ing!
What an interesting list. Sure makes me wonder what you blog about that would bring up those search terms ;).

Overwhelmed! said...

Too fun! :)

So Delilah, since you participated last year, I’m stopping by to let you know that I’m hosting a 2nd Edition of my Holiday Cooking, Blogger Style recipe exchange!

I hope you can join me again this year on 5 October. And, would you mind helping me to spread the word by publishing a post about my holiday recipe exchange before next Friday? I’d sure appreciate it! I have the button in this post.

Thanks so much!

Nicholas said...

10 and 12 make the mind boggle a bit!