Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Jake...Traveling Pants

Jake has been traveling quite a bit lately. He actually got somewhat of a promotion at work and more money. I guess I should be more me I am. BUT - he will be traveling more. I will get used to it. This week he is going to Florida - just overnight. Next week he will be driving to Virgina - I think it is going to be overnight as well. Then the week after that he will be in North Carolina & South Carolina. Maybe I should have him check out some Wilmington NC real estate. Anyhoo...I decided I am going to go to Tennessee to visit the family during that week. I am excited to see the mountains in the fall. Hopefully the leaves will be turning by then.

On another note...a friend of mine is having a mastectomy that same week. This Friday her friends are getting together for a Boob-Voyage Party. I think it is a great idea. She had breast cancer and was in remission but it came back so now they gotta go. I love that she has decided to celebrate and make the best of a bad situation. Someone is making a boob cake. Do you think I should take a gift? What would be appropriate? Well, this is a great week for me to attend a Boob Voyage party because I have mastitis and have been quite sick - NOT THAT I HAVE TIME TO BE ILL. Oh, well...sick or not, the kids need to eat and need their diapers changed.

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