Wednesday, September 05, 2007

My Second Cup of Coffee...

Let's see....Avery is in the swing sleeping. Jude and Elise are playing upstairs. Although I haven't had a shower or brushed my teeth yet today I am sitting down to blog a bit. And yes, I am on my second cup of coffee. It is full strength. Since I am nursing I usually go for the half caff stuff but I ran out so today I may be bouncing off the walls -as may Avery.

We have been busy, as usual, but I have to admit that is not why I haven't been blogging. Friday night Avery woke up to eat and decided she wanted to stay awake. I decided to do a little web surfing (does anyone even say that anymore?) instead of my normal crossword puzzle routine (I am up to 3-4 a day). I looked at my normal reads and from there I started checking out a few blogs I check about once a month. One is a craft blog called Whip Up. is so cool. I looked at craft blogs for almost an hour and a half. I started making lists of things I want to make. LONG lists of stuff. I am actually thinking about taking a little break from pottery because I have so many sewing projects to do. I am seriously a crafting schizophrenic. I get stuck on cards for a while, then it is scrapbooking, then pottery, now sewing...what is next???? Since Friday night I have spent any free second I can steal away on the computer looking at handmade stuff. It is an illness. I know not all of you are the creative types but honestly - the creativity is just thinking of the ideas. You can go on-line and you don't even have to think up the is all on the web. You just have to do the stuff. Does that make sense? I am going to attempt to make Christmas gifts again. The stuff is going to be better than last time. I can't wait. I am, however, having a creative block when it comes to male gifts for all ages. If you have any ideas let me know. I've already started making stuff. It is never too early. I should have started a long time ago. This is why I probably will never make any money at my artsy crafty stuff....I'd prefer to give stuff away or trade.

Other than my craft obsession we did do a lot this week-end. Saturday I went out to lunch with the ladies from church. It was fun and nice to get out. We went to this Polish place called Babushkas! After that carb fest (that is what the ladies call it), Heather and Ivan came down with the kids and we went on a bike ride. It was nice but my butt is still recovering from that dang bike seat. Sunday we went to Church and later in the afternoon we went on a walk with the Loomans. They had five kids with them and we had our three. It looked like a parade walking down the street. People were staring. Monday we went up to Cleveland and had a cookout with JenF and her family (and Heather and Ivan). It was fun. Maybe later today I will post some cute pics from the week-end. Until then...have a good one!

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scrappynhappy said...

Hey there:)...I followed the link you put in the freecycle post. Your blog is adding a link to it from mine.

I love the description "crafting schizophrenic"...describes me to a "T".