Friday, September 28, 2007

We're Here....

Did I tell you we were going to Tennessee? Well did. We got up this morning soooo early. 4:30ish to be exact. The kids were so excited. Jude said, "Mommy, why are we leaving in the middle of the night?" It was 5:40 A.M. I laughed. The plan was this: when Avery wakes up to eat we will just get up and leave. Pretty much everything was packed and for the most part, in the van. The logic was that the older kids would go back to sleep until 8 or so. Yeah right. Jude would not stop talking. Elise couldn't go to sleep because Jude went on and on. He was so excited. Elise was so extremely tired. Around 9 A.M. she started crying and kept crying until we stopped. She thought she had pooped in her diaper and she was VERY upset about it. Apparently she had just passed gas and thought she pooped. Since she was very little she would not poop in the car. I never knew it upset her so. Aren't kids funny? Well, to make a long story short, the kids finally fell asleep around 2 P.M. - we got here around 2:40! Typical. I was nice to get here early.

I will keep you posted. In the mean time fill out some surveys for this company that does market research. It is one of the ways that I make money online. The surveys are kinda interesting.

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