Friday, September 21, 2007

My Big Girl....

Yesterday, Elise and I went and had our hair cut. This was Elise's first "real" hair cut in a "real" salon. She had her bangs cut a few times and a little trim in the back but this time we had a few inches cut off. We've decided to grow her bangs out so she can have one of those darling little bobs. I didn't mind it being long but she rarely would sit long enough for me to put it in a pony tail and if I did manage to wrestle one in...well, she would take it out when she had the chance (usually while sitting in her car seat riding to our destination which was the reason for the hairdo in the first place!). She did a great job sitting in the chair and looked so cute - not that I am biased or anything. Here are the pics....(more on my hair after the pics so keep reading!)

As for my hair...I've been in transition for quite some time now. I let it grow out and then I cut if off into that flippy late 1990's Dixie Chicks look. I wanted something a little more ME. Earlier in the week I saw Jenny McCarthy on Oprah and decided I wanted her hair cut. I've been growing my bangs out for a while so I was excited about my soon to be new style! Well...I told the girl what I wanted and I think I wasn't specific enough or something because I got a TOTALLY different hair style. It is cute (I think) and stylish (also a little out to the loop but I think stylish) hair style. Jake doesn't like the back of it and the back is very layered - not what I envisioned at all. It is longer in the front, shorter in the back but....I don't know. It is a lot shorter. I'm a little nervous because I know my hair is going to start falling out soon (it always does after I have babies - don't worry it grow back) and I am wondering how this style is going to hold up. Perhaps I should take some nutritional supplements! I'd show you some pics but it is really hard to take a picture of your hair yourself. I will have Jake take a few and post them later.

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