Saturday, September 29, 2007

To Homeschool or Not To Homeschool....That is the Question!

I keep going back and forth on the issue. Should I or shouldn't I? I only have a year to decide. Here is my dilemma: Jude is very reluctant to learn from me. He thinks it is funny to goof around and pretend he can't count numbers or say his letters. I get to the point that I am pretty much angry about it. The other thing is....he really wants to go to school. I don't know. I am working on teaching Jude to read but like I said before I really don't know what he knows. Maybe I should take him to Score Learning Centers for some reading tutoring. Then I will know how he is going to respond to someone else. From what I hear Score does a nice job and their students increase their academic scores after tutoring there. I'll let you know if I try it out.

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