Friday, September 28, 2007

I am tired....can you tell???

Have you ever found a word that you think just sounds funny? When I was a kid my parents had a dog named Piere. I remember saying his name over and over because I thought it sounded weird. Funny it was a french word and at the time I didn't understand. I was thinking about the word HOODIA. Man that is a weird word. I've been avoiding it for about a week now. It is a weight loss pill. Maybe I should take it. Ha. Last week I went to my favorite Cultural Center and one of the desk girls told me that every time she sees me I get smaller and smaller. She is exaggerating a bit but either way she is my new favorite person!

In an unrelated topic...I went back and had my hair "fixed". Not that it was bad but it just wasn't what I wanted. So, now it is better...much better. Even Jake noticed and said he liked it. case you were wondering. Piere died and my parents told me he "ran away". I figured it out when I was an adult. Nice.

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