Monday, September 24, 2007

A Good Weekend...

We had a nice week-end. Friday Jake came home a little early so I took the chance to run over to our local farmers market and do some shopping. Unfortunately, I was hungry I and ended up buying a ton of stuff. I rarely do that anymore but I went a little veggie crazy. I bought a nice hunk of salmon. We grilled it with veggies. It was soooo good. Better than any fish I have had in a restraunt. Seriously. I remember a long time ago my one of my friends told me she and her boyfriend rarely ate out because the food they made at home tasted so much better. At the time I didn't agree but now I am starting to understand. Although...I still like having someone else do the clean up! After dinner we decided we would have movie night with the kids. We rented two adult videos and two kid videos. After the kids went to bed Jake and I watched Georgia Rule. It was okay. Definately not my favorite. Lindsay Lohan is in it. She was the perfect person for the role. I think she went to drug rehab right after she finished filming. Anyhoo....

Saturday we went to the Cleveland Zoo. It was a beautiful day out - and you know that means- every other family thought it was a good idea to go to the zoo. It was packed. We had to hike it up to the Primates (if you have been to the Cleveland Zoo, you know what I mean). While we were going up the hill, Jake accidentally stepped on my shoe and broke it. So, I walked around with a broken shoe all day. We got home and barely sat down when the phone rang. It was Sherry inviting us over for dinner! How nice - so we packed up and walked over for a nice dinner with the Loomans.

Sunday we went to church. After lunch we did some cleaning. Jake shampooed the carpet (thank you thank you thank you). I worked on all the clutter sitting around. Instead of just dumping it all in the basement I found a place for everything. Things are starting to get back to normal around here. I found a few things to get rid of so I loaded it up and headed over to Goodwill. I LOVE that store. If you haven't noticed- I am becoming a regular. OH MY can't believe the deals I got. Here is what I got....

  • 2 Gap zip up hoodies for Elise
  • cute cute cute skirt for Elise
  • pair of PJ's for Elise
  • Land's End button up sweater for Elise
  • princess costume for Elise
  • (it was her lucky day)
  • 2 bags of batting new
  • large bag of polyfill new
  • yo yo maker (a sewing thing) new
  • dozen large foamie shapes (craft for kids) new
  • 6 large make your own buttons new
  • scrapbook cover kit ($22.50 retail) new
  • Cricut Font Cartridge....OMG....several on ebay right now with bids for $50!!!!
  • Brand NEW with the tag Gore-Tex leather hiking boots kids sized (on ebay for $56!!!)
  • shirt for myself
  • christmas cookie box thingy
  • lobster beanie baby

All for a total of $30.76. Man I am a super shopper. Jake said it is my new job to go look for things we can sell. Oh, he may regret saying that. Either way, I am not buying anymore until we sell that cartridge. We might sell the shoes or keep them for Jude.

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