Thursday, September 20, 2007

Thursday Thirteen....Happy Birthday To My Blog!!!

Today is The Miller Way's 2nd Birthday. I can't believe it. Two years...Wow. So much has happened in two years, yet it seems like only yesterday. Here is a list of 13 different things that have happened over the past two years.

1. We have moved twice.

2. Both Jake & I changed careers several times (Me- houseparent to abstinence teacher to insurance sales girl to stay at home mom! Jake - houseparent to custodian to scanner guru/sales assistant for a company that sells stuff to power plants!)

3. Elise was a baby when I started this blog, now I have another baby and Elise is a big girl!

4. So much Blog Controversy (it seems so funny now) - I had a lady leave me a message on my cell concerning my blog questioning my character, I was reprimanded at work for writing that I was going to be going to part time and was worried about the money, I had a pastor of a church (not my church but a man that does know me) actually talk extensively (not in a good way) about MY BLOG in a Sunday morning service (my blog hits doubled after I didn't mind LOL).

5. We vacationed in the Outer Banks.

6. We've attended 3 weddings, 2 funerals, countless home parties and one Amish family reunion.

7. Jake & I have both been in the hospital.

8. We changed churches.

9. We've been to Tennessee & West Virginia (combined) about a dozen times.

10. Jake had one car accident ladder rack (that is if you don't count him running into the garage as a car accident!)

11. I've been to the gym 5 times (once was for a tour)!

12. I've attended 3 conferences and one concert!

13. We've potty trained, weaned, taken binkies and night time sippy cups. We've disciplined and laughed and watched our kids grow. We've went from cribs to big beds and have had a few sleepless nights. And it is all documented here! It's the best diary I've ever kept!


Head Gaggler said...

What a great synposis of one year. Happy Birthday!

nikki the red said...

this is a really neat post! thank you for sharing!

Mom on a Quest said...

Yay! Happy birthday to Miller Way. I see much has happened in 2 yrs. This is my first time to join T13 and yours is the first blog I ever visited!

Here's my first ever T13 post.

Nancy J. Bond said...

You've certainly had an interesting and varied year! Happy Blog Birthday. :)

April Elizabeth said...

that was a great post to come to the first time i've ever vistited. it really peaked my interest in your blog!

amy said...

Wow, busy family. Great list..We are headed to the outer banks next year!

Jenn said...

Wow, that is some list. Happy Birthday.

Buck Naked Politics said...

A big happy b-day to The Miller Way.

KarenW said...

Happy bloggy birthday! A lot can happen over two years. We've had a lot happen over 6 months and it feels like it's been two years.

Stephanie said...

Crazy how two years seems such a short time yet so much has changed!

Nicholas said...

Great list! What will the next year bring?

Heather said...

Great list! I'm enjoying your blog, too. I'm new to blogging but would love for you to visit mine (in your spare time!). Our little one is almost 4 mo, so I can relate!