Friday, October 12, 2007

Gone Fishin'

Well, this week flew by just like many others. It took me pretty much the entire week to get unpacked and settled by in. We put the last of the clothes away last night before bed. Where does the time go? I took the kids to story time on Monday. That is going well. This week I also went to a new Mom's group. It was nice. The kids went into their own class and I got a hour or so of "mommy" time. The group meets twice a month so I plan to go on a regular basis. I didn't get much crafting done and I am actually thinking about taking a little pottery break. I don't really want to but I am REALLY behind on my sewing. I would like to do at least one craft show before Christmas and speaking of Christmas.....oh man - I can't even think about it right now- my head will start spinning. Oh....I also joined a Women's Bible Study that meets every other week and guess what??? I am already behind. I need to catch up today before I am seriously behind. On top of that I think Jake & I are going to start helping out with the youth group at Church. When will I have time to blog? Well, I've already cut my T.V. time dramatically - I may have to cut into sleep time next. Just think, at this time six years ago I was picking out wedding invitations.

Anyways....back to the title of this post. Gone Fishin' - while we were in Tennessee my dad (aka Poppy) decided to take Jude fishing. Well, as you would expect, Elise decided she wanted to go too. Jude has been a few times before but it was Elise's first time. From what I hear, I started fishing at about the same age. Jude likes holding the fish and digging in the tackle box but he isn't that into the actual fishing stuff. Elise on the other hand, well she liked it. She wanted to cast her own fishing pole and everything. I finally took the hook off so she could cast it without hurting someone. She was having fun. I was so surprised she even held a fish. When we got back to Ohio, one evening I was going to make dinner and I said "do you want some fish?" Elise said, "No, the fish is yucky." She was thinking about fish in their slimy, smelly form. How funny.


Anonymous said...

Crocs? U r so trendy. haha just kidding. Those pics are beautiful!

Stephanie said...

Lydia keeps saying she wants to go fishing. I keep telling her that Aunt Delilah is the fisher person in the family. hint hint!