Saturday, October 20, 2007

The Kids Are Home!!!

My kids went to West Virginia this week. Jake had to go down there for work so on Monday evening he left with Jude and Elise and went to Mamaw & Papaw's for the week. Jake stayed Monday...visited the power plant he needed to and then went back and stayed Tuesday night. He got up, went to another power plant and then came home...leaving the kids there. Today we met Mamaw & Papaw halfway and got the kids. It wasn't a bad drive at all - especially since I slept most of the way home.

So, Avery and I were alone for two days. I had a lot of projects going on. You would think that I would get some rest with the kids gone but I was very busy. Come to think of it I mostly did the stuff I have been putting off for a while. I am happy to say the house is quite clean and somewhat organized. I did do a little shopping for Jude's birthday. Speaking of which...have you seen kids party invitations lately? Jude wants a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle party. I am having a tough time finding stuff for it. Anyhoo....I did go to Goodwill several times this week - Jake even went with me on Friday night (hot date). I swear, that is my all time favorite store. I find so many things. It is just plain fun. I have found several things I can use as gifts...not to mention clothes - I can't remember having this many nice things to wear! Seriously. I have had to limit myself (I didn't even look at the women's clothing on Friday). I have been working hard to clean out our stuff and get rid of junk - so while I am shopping I am very careful not to buy stuff just for the fun of it (or because it is such a great deal!) BTW...if there is anything any of you have been looking for that you want me to keep an eye out for just let me know! I passed on a Breadman Bread maker a couple of weeks ago. It looked practically brand new (a newer model as well) for only $5. I should have bought it. I don't need it but I am sure someone out there does....ha ha ha.

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Stephanie said...

Depending on the deal you find you could always buy and resell on eBay.