Saturday, October 20, 2007

I almost forgot...

While the kids were gone I did read two books....Yes -two real books! One was another Jodi Picoult book - "The Tenth Circle". It was good. I've read three of her books now. They have all been great. I highly recommend her stuff. The other book I read was called "The Story of a Girl". It was okay. I picked it up at Goodwill and read it in one day. It was short. It was about a messed up family from this teen girl's perspective. It wasn't bad. I noticed that since I started reading books again - I am behind on my magazine reading. Last night we watched a movie, The Lake House. I think it was originally a book. The movie STUNK. Don't torture yourself by watching it. I was lost for most of the movie - then I figured it out the end before the end. It isn't good. Don't waste the hour and a half watching it. I like movies and we definitely don't watch as many as I would like but wouldn't it be cool if you had popcorn machines, like the ones in the theaters? I think it would be cool.

Well, I am sleep deprived and typing...not a good combo.

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