Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Tell Me Why I Clean, Again....

As you know, I have been on a cleaning mission. I should have known better...really. Last week I got this ad in the mail. It was for a cleaning service. The brochure said (in big letters) "Life is too short to clean your own house". I say, AMEN! Maybe that is what I will do with my "mad money". Jake and I decided whatever money we make from blogging will be mad money. I know it isn't very practical but it is fun. My first check went to groceries and the rest of the money is just sitting in our pay pal account but now I have a use for it. I wonder how much those cleaning places charge....hmmmm.

Either way- why the cleaning rant? Yesterday was laundry day. Last week it took me the entire week to complete the laundry. I was upset about that. So...yesterday I started early and stayed on top of it. It was pretty easy since my sewing machine broke and I wasn't distracted by crafting. I actually folded stuff as it came out of the dryer and even put a lot of it away as I went. It is amazing. Just as I put the last load in my sister called. She was very upset. Her mother-in-law was diagnosed with cancer just a few short weeks ago & yesterday they got a call that she was dying and they wanted the family to come and be with her. What an awful thing. So, my sister was going to be going out of town but didn't want to take her two small children to watch their grammy pass away. So...I kept the kids. They got here around 3:30 yesterday afternoon and will be staying until this evening. My mom & dad are on their way up right now, to watch them. Not that I really mind....well, I did at 6:30 AM when they woke up...but 5 is a handful. Unfortunately, Patty (the mother-in-law) passed away before my sister even got the kids here. It is the saddest thing. Last night Reichen & Elise slept in the same room. I heard them talking so I sent Jake up to check on them. He heard Reichen saying that his Grammy died. Elise was asking him if she was in the hospital. What a heart wrenching thing to hear two 2 year olds discussing.

So, once again....let me reiterate - Life is too short to clean your own house - or for many other things for that matter. Enjoy it.

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