Sunday, November 25, 2007


Yesterday Jude informed me that he wanted to run away. I was quite concerned and asked him if he wasn't happy living with Mommy & Daddy. He said he was but he wanted to run away to the beach. I asked him if he wanted to be a beach bum and he asked me what a bum was...oh such innocence. He is sweet, even if he wants to run away. He was giving me a sneaky little giggle by the end - he must have been testing me to see what I would say about his beach idea. It reminds me of another story. We were doing the hikes for the Fall Hiking Spree (an event in our metro parks). If you hike so many trails you get a free hiking stick. Jude was so excited about the prospect of getting a hiking stick. After one of the hikes we were in the van and Jude said when I get my hiking stick I am going to take it to the beach. And if I see a swordfish I am going to hit it on the head with my stick. Weird kid.

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