Sunday, November 25, 2007

I'm Back!!!!

I know it has been a while. We went to Tennessee and I just didn't seem to get the time to blog while I was there. Time always seems to fly by when I am away from home. We had a pretty good week. Heather and her kids were there so it made for a full (and loud - 5 kids total) house. Thanksgiving was good. A little nutty like most Thanksgiving dinners I am sure. I am still feeling full from all the food I ate. I really have NO self control when there is that much food around. We really didn't go anywhere other than Walmart (a big joke between me and Jake we always go to Walmart a ton of times while we visiting my parents). We did take Jude, Elise and Indy to the movies to see The Bee Movie. It was cute. Like most "kid" movies there was a little adult humor and a big social statement about the environment. Don't get me started..... only cost us all $10 total to get in but by time we bought drinks and popcorn we were short an arm and a leg. Seriously, I was shocked at the prices. The guy behind the counter was laughing a me because I was practically crying the price of one large pop costing the same as three 2 liters.

We were planning to go get our Christmas tree today. The last two years we have went with the Loomans and cut down our own tree and had the whole experience. Unfortunately, our kids are sick - fever, congestion, runny noses... and they went without us. we have to figure out when and where we will get our Christmas tree this year.

Well, I need to get off here and go unpack the Samsonite. I will try to post some pictures today.

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