Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Credit Scores....

Did you ever think your credit score would be so important? I hate that it is. We had a really good credit score until I was unexpectedly dropped from my job last year. We were already just barely making it because I wasn't making the money that I had been promised so loosing my job was a huge hit. So, our credit took a hit. It really stinks because with bad credit loans are tough to come by. We would like to buy a house. It is funny...well, not really funny but every realtor asks us to try this person or that person for a loan. We say that we are in the repairing stages and it is getting better but it is like they don't hear us. The last lady told us we should ask our parents for help. Then she asked me if I had ever thought about watching children in our home! We never said we couldn't afford a home - we said we couldn't get a loan right now. And no I don't think I will be watching kids in our house. I am crazy enough with my own three.

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