Thursday, November 15, 2007

My Cat Ran Away....

I have written many times about my cat, Molly. I've had her for 12 years. She has been a very loyal and great cat....until now. She has always been an indoor cat. ALWAYS. She isn't fond of other animals and she has always been afraid of loud noises, wind, etc... Lately, she has been trying to escape. Several times she has ran outside when she gets the opportunity. She likes to go into the garage and hunt for rodents. I think that is fine. But it is only for a few minutes.

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So, one morning I was sitting right here at my computer and I hear the cat meowing. I can tell she is locked in a room by her meow (yes I understand my cat...after 12 years you learn to communicate). So I start looking for her. SHE WAS OUTSIDE!!! She had been out there all night. I imagined her crying at the door all night. That was several weeks ago and she hadn't tried to go outside since.

Well, the night before last I got home late and had to carry some stuff in the house. I left the door open so I could just go in and out. I noticed Molly was hanging out by the door. I told her to go downstairs. She did. But when I came back through she was by the door again. It was like as soon as I turned my back she started back up the stairs. GRRRRR...bad cat. The last time I was sure she went into the basement. I watched her run down the stairs. The only way she could have made it outside without me seeing would be if she RAN like mad and hid under the van. I didn't even give it a thought that she would do something like that. I finished bringing in my stuff and closed the door. The next morning I had a bunch of stuff to do and then I took Jake lunch and went to Goodwill (of course) and when I got home I put Elise to bed and fed Avery. It was probably the first time I sat down all day. I started thinking. Where is that cat? She is usually following me around meowing for my attention. Hmmmmm... I haven't seen her. So, I start looking and looking and looking. She is gone.

I went to pottery at 7 P.M. She had been gone for almost 24 hours. I imagined her squished on the road or being mauled by a neighborhood dog. After all, she doesn't know anything about the outside world. How sad. Jake cleaned out her litter box and threw out the food in her dish.

While I am at pottery my phone rings. It is Elise. She says, "Molly came back!!!" I guess Jake was taking out the trash and she was at the back door.

Stupid Cat.

The sadness is over. Now I am mad at her. And I have to go buy a collar with her information in case she pulls a stunt like this again.

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Tim Appleton (Applehead) said...

she will pull a stunt like this again, she was probably think " If they have another kid, I'm outta here!"