Sunday, November 25, 2007

You knew you'd get the week in PHOTOS, right?

I love taking pictures. When my kids grow up, I swear they are going to have EVERY SINGLE activity we ever did preserved. Ha ha ha. Poor things. Well here are some great photos I took (don't mind if I say so myself). First check out these plumbing fixtures.

Jude & Nana getting the Christmas decorations ready. BTW...Jude gave Nana a lesson in frugality when she was going to throw away the excess glitter - he suggested that they pick it up and put it back in the jar for next time. My smart little boy.

This is Poppy & his grandkids. Too bad my children (notice all three of them) are more interested in watching T.V. than looking at the camera. I took 7 pictures and they all look about the same.

Indy, Jude and Elise walking to Nana's house. That is the driveway.

Jake cleaning up after Pumpkin Pancakes in the apartment. Doesn't he look thrilled??? My parents have an apartment above their garage and the kids like to take field trips there so we ate breakfast over there. It was kinda fun.
Five little cuties.

Shhhh....don't tell Nana.
Elise in the leaves.
Indy in the leaves.

We made indian hats with feathers. Jude added a real wild turkey feather & a guinea (sp?) feather.

Elise stuck to the walmart variety feathers.

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