Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Three Kids....Three Stories

Yesterday I was upstairs taking care of Avery. Jude went downstairs and turned on the T.V. It happened to be on DIY. He yelled up to me (a pet peeve of mine) and asked if I would change the channel. I told him I would be down in a minute. So, he left the T.V. on and started watching the show. It happened to be a special about holiday decorating. When I came down I sat on the couch with Elise and Avery. Jude told me they were making a Christmas tree on the show. Then he looked at me and said, "Are you thinking what I am thinking?" I laughed and asked him what he was thinking. He said, "We should make Christmas ornaments!" How cute is he????

I mentioned before that Elise will not take medicine. If I am lucky enough to get her to swallow a little within minutes she is puking all over the place. Last year she got sick and the same thing happened. I even tried those chewable pills. She threw those up before she got the second one down. The thing is....she isn't a big puker so I was starting to think that maybe it was something in the medication that makes her barf. Well...she has been sick lately. She has had a fever for 4 days and has the worst cough. It was getting to the point that when she would cough she would cry. I was thinking I would have to take her to the doctor today. I really wanted to try some cold medicine before I paid the $15 copay. So, I put a dose of medicine & a little juice in her sippy cup. She drank most of it but I think she was suspicious. She didn't throw up. Yea!!! But she wouldn't drink juice most of the day yesterday after that. She asked for water. So, I went to CVS and looked at their selection of kid meds and makeup mirrors. There are some many types of tricky medication these days. I chose this powder stuff that up put on your tongue. It was pricey ($9) but it worked!!!! She ate it and slept through the night. She sounds much better today.

Avery is four months old now. Up until now we get her to sleep by nursing her and then rocking her or bouncing her in her car seat. I told Jake we needed to start letting her cry it out. Man I hate that. So, this morning after she ate and played a little she got fussy. I decided to put her in the bassinet and just let her cry. I laid her down and walked away. Nothing. Not a whimper. Not a tear. She went right to sleep by herself. I know it won't always be that easy but now I am wondering why we were spending all that time rocking her. She probably has always wanted us to put her down and leave her alone so she could sleep. Silly parents. You'd think we'd learn after three kids!

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Stephanie said...

Lydia was like that. She didn't want rocked or cuddled. Just put her down and let her go to sleep. Took me a few months to figure it out.