Friday, November 02, 2007

Pottery Class....

Last night I went to my Pottery class and I didn't even make a single thing. When I first got there the teacher was asking where I had been for the last couple of weeks. I gave her the short version of my craziness. Then someone else started chatting with her and I needed clay. So, I waited for a few minutes. I ordered my clay and she went to get it. In the mean time I started talking with this one lady about a recent trip she made to Europe. She went to France, Germany & Slovenia. She was doing some family history stuff. It seemed like such a cool trip to take. She went to the little town that Johnny Depp lives in. It happens that he was out of the country at the time but she did find his house AND WENT THERE. I LOVE it. Of course, I did call Ethan Hawke once (yes, on the telephone - long story....) so I had to admire her "stalking" skills. She is a VERY interesting person. I don't think two people could be more different yet, oddly similar (does that even make sense???) Well, either way I didn't even do a single thing in class. Now I am behind. I was really tired anyhow. When I was talking to her I realized I had not shared a story with you from some time ago.

The first time I saw this woman in class I thought she looked familiar. She lives pretty close by and walks a lot so I figured I had seen her out and about. One day we were chatting while making stuff and we realized that we knew each other from Safe Landing. After she found out I had worked there she started telling me about the problems her son and his wife were having with their daughter. The girl was doing all sorts of things from cutting to lying. So, this goes on for some time that we would talk about her granddaughter, Alexandra. She was always doing stuff worthy of talking about. The girl was involved with Safe Landing, Child Guidance, Children's Services, etc... I wondered if I knew her. A couple of months later Jake, the family and I went to this little art show at the Quirk. We got there and saw the woman from my class. She had her granddaughters with her. As soon as I saw Alexandra I knew her. The thing is - out of all the teens I have encountered in my life I have only blogged about one by name and you aren't going to believe who this girl was....Go back to THIS post and you will know. Seriously - Go THERE, I'll wait.

CAN YOU BELIEVE IT????? I am still amazed. I don't know if she remembered me or not but man, I remembered her.

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Holly C said...

I love your stories. Keep them coming, please!