Monday, November 05, 2007

Reflections of a Contest...and the Winner(s)

Wow...I knew that contest would really draw in some folks but I had no idea. I will say I am a wee little bit annoyed that most of those people will never come back to visit my blog....well, until I have another give away but then again I signed up for many contests that I probably won't ever get back to - I am really too busy to take on any more blog reading. So I guess I am not complaining. It was fun - all weekend long I kept saying to Jake "I have ____ comments now". Next time I think I will have a little quiz or something to help pick the winner. Random picking isn't my thing. So, before I announce the big winner(s) I would like to say my favorite comment was from my cousin (remember Correction G?). Here is his comment.... "oh oh oh!!!! pick me! pick me!" He was being sarcastic, of course. Too funny.

Okay....I picked two winners. One was (ahem....) random and the other for a different set is to a loyal (yet, very quiet) reader.

The winner of the set of magnets pictured is APPLEHEAD!!!!! Be sure to stop by and congratulate him!

The second winner of a similar set of magnets is NORMA. She is a friend of the family and from what I hear reads my blog often. She has never commented until I had the contest she gets some cool magnets.

As for Jason, I might just make him a special set and send them to him.

Congrats to the winners and Thanks for everyone else who entered. Be sure to stop by Junky Love in Freehand to see the winner over there!

Oh, and if you want to know about cell reception check out the link.

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