Saturday, March 11, 2006

KSU: Kegs and Eggs

In honor of St. Patrick's Day next week I thought I would dedicate this post to St. Patty's Day memories of Kent. Well you probably already know St. Patrick's Day is a great day of celebration for the Irish. Most people celebrate by either wearing green, hanging shamrock on their walls or eating corned beef and sour kraut. For college students it is a great excuse to drink beer. All day long. At 6 A.M. bars open for "keg and eggs". You drink green beer and eat your breakfast. I never participated in the practice myself. I don't remember anything significant my first year in Kent on St. Patty's Day but I do remember several that followed. In 97 I got up and went to my first class of the day. It was Social Psychology. I am not sure why I ever even went to the class. I can't remember EVER paying attention. I can't recall anything I ever learned or lectures or anything. I remember where I sat and that I did crossword puzzles during the class. That's it. Either way, I walked home from class. When I got home my neighbors came over. Mark and Jeff. Man, I could tell you some stories about these boys. They were very drunk. It was 10 A.M. and they could barely talk. They had been drinking (heavily) for hours. They tried to convince me to go to the bar right then. I told them I had other classes to attend (a.k.a. other crossword puzzles to do) and then I would meet them at The Loft. I got there at 4:00 P.M. Everyone was having a good time. Tiffany went with me. We felt like we were really behind. I was having my first drink and I look up and see Jason Chonko. He was this boy that I had the BIGGEST crush on. I knew him from back home and I always liked him. I would see him all the time at Kent and we would talk. He always invited me to his parties and I was always afraid to go. Once I actually drove to his apartment but couldn't get up the courage to go in. Finally I got up the nerve to go to a party he was having. Tiffany and I went, but I had a few drinks before I got there so I could "loosen up". Well it worked really well. I felt totally comfortable talking to him and everything was going great until I kissed his room-mate. Yes, that was the end of my dignity when it came to Jason Chonko. We remained friends for a few years afterwards. I tried to fix him up with Amy once and I think she liked him but got "side tracked" by some other boy. Either way, he is a scientist now. Okay back to St. Patrick's Day... After staying at the loft and downing a couple green ones we headed down the street to the next bar. I can't remember the name of this one place we always went to but it got a little crazy. I remember people coming up and hugging and kissing (friendly kiss not open mouth or anything) each other. There was a guy wearing a green curly wig that kept talking to us. I mainly remember everyone was so happy and having a good time. So after that place we traveled to a few other bars. Before we knew it we were at Screwy Louies. This is the biggest meat market on campus. You only had to be 19 to get in so naturally there was a lot of underage stuff going on. It is a dance club. Huge and loud. Sweaty and doesn't smell too good. I only went there if I was already tipsy. Otherwise I was too smart for the joint. Well on St. Patty's Day, Screwy Louies had 99 cent pitchers. Everyone was walking around drinking from pitchers of beer. People were passing them around. It was a germ fest. I ran into Mark and Jeff there. They were still drinking. It was around 9 P.M. They had been at it off and on for 12 hours. Can you imagine? College campuses are FULL of this type of behavior.


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For some Irish-American facts, check out

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Did you ever date Mark and/or Jeff? Then this post can be included in ex men Mondays!