Friday, March 10, 2006

Out of Control with WNIR...

This week I had this little project I was doing to help out with a grant for ABC. So, I was in the office on Wednesday. I didn't get as much stuff done as I could have because I am so easily distracted by others. Thursday I worked on it some but my mind was really somewhere else. I have been very busy this week and very tired. I am getting about 5 hours a sleep per night (if that). So, today I had to get serious and get this project done. I went to one of my favorite local coffee shops in Stow. I sat down with my papers and started plugging away. I hear these two men talking very loudly. I wasn't paying a lot of attention. Then I hear the one guy say, "Hey, when you email Maggie again, ask her if she wants to go to see Steven Wright with me. Tell her Mr. Buckeye wants to take her to see him. It can be just as doesn't have to be anything serious." He then says, "What do I have to loose?" I start laughing out loud! These men are two regulars on WNIR's morning show. Mr. Buckeye called a couple of weeks ago and complained about the emailers. He thinks they are stealing air time and he was upset he had to wait on hold while Stan read emails (I think mine was one that day). Funny now he wants someone else to email and ask Maggie (one of the morning hosts) for a date! I can't even believe I am so "in the know" that I would know who these men were by hearing a little part of their conversation. I need to get a life!

Also this week I heard Stan make reference to Joe Finan coming out of retirement. I did a little research and found out Joe is back on the air. I haven't listened to him since I rarely change my dial from WNIR. He is on a local AM station. I read something that said Joe referred to Bob Golic as his "fat" replacement. Bob has a huge following. I don't think Joe is going to make any friends that way.

Either way, I love talk radio. I am a local news junky. I love hearing about the local politics and all the crazy stuff going on in our community. I read quite a few political blogs but I don't talk about the subject much myself. I am trying not to be to controversal...although I do find myself writing a lot of posts and just erase them in the end.

By the way, today is my Dad's birthday! Happy Birthday Dad (a.k.a. Poppy)!!!!

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