Thursday, March 30, 2006

Where Do I Begin????

We are finally getting some warmer weather. I love it. It is supposed to be almost 70 degrees today! The weather boosts my mood and my energy level. Our house is such a disaster area since we have been so busy and on the go for the last 2-3 months. So, yesterday we spent a few hours just cleaning. Jake cleaned the outside of the windows, which I am so excited about. I cleaned our entryway. I washed rugs, scrubbed floors, washed walls, dusted window sills.... I actually like cleaning when I don't have any distractions. It is a task where you can see results almost immediately. I moved into the living room and did a little decluttering and dusted but that was about as far as I got. Hopefully, I will get more done today. Jude also helped clean. He had a bottle of windex and a rag. He was going around spraying stuff and wiping it off. Some things he cleaned two or three times. He loves to help me do anything...sweep, do dishes, cook, clean. Do you think he will stay like that forever? Doubt it.

While we were cleaning, Elise was crawling around playing. She went over to her carseat, pulled herself up and as I watched, she let go and stood there for a couple of seconds. I know that is normal on the development scale (she is 10 months) but she is still so little. It looks weird to see this little baby walking around. Also, I just can't believe she is getting so old. It sure doesn't seem like she should be that old already. Where has the time gone? This last year really flew by. When I really think about it I can't remember what life was like without her so in that aspect it seems like forever.

So, this week I am in an inner-city school. I am not that fond of it. My classes are so small that I don't get the interaction I normally would get. We did have our monthly staff meeting yesterday and I found out the agency I work for is going to be on a TV show called Bull Sh**. It is a show on Showtime hosted by Penn & Teller. I guess they take 3 different points of view and plot them against each other. I will not be on the show but several of my coworkers will be. They taped it awhile ago. It will air in April, I think. I checked out the website and they didn't have it listed yet. Everyone is coming to my house to watch it when it airs. So, I guess you can say I am having a Bull Sh** Party. Why would someone name a show Bull Sh**? Cheryl (my boss) can't even say the word, she says B.S. I told her I didn't get the chance to swear that often so I was going to call it by it's proper name any chance I got. Ha ha ha.

Have a good day! Enjoy the spring!

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Anonymous said...

Keep him helping and maybe he'll continue loving it! One thing's for sure -- he'll learn how.
Aunt Nancy